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Project Green Ice Camera – is international project.

Supported by Kolarctic CBC and the Barents Secretariat.

 Green Ice Camera is a project between Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway with the vision to create a certificate for sustainable media production in the Arctic. Using data you already have at your finger tips, our bespoke calculator allows productions to quickly understand their environmental impact.

Our process

To create a fair certification system that is relevant for the industry, we use a democratic process, where guidelines and protocols are developed in local multi-stakeholder hubs consisting of:

  • Industry practitioners
  • Commissions & funds
  • Perspectives from indigenous groups
  • Local & national government representatives
  • Environmental experts

Project goals

  • Protect the natural ecosystems
  • Create infrastructure for sustainable media production
  • Raise the profile of the region
  • Create new employment opportunities
  • Provide a valuable model for cross-border cooperation
  • Build a community around sustainable media production

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